(More Than Just…) Surviving Sight-Singing


This book is currently out of Print.  A new Edition is due in the Summer of 2021.

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(More Than Just…) Surviving Sight-Singing is a book aimed at those at the beginnings of their journeys of learning to sing.  It aims to take you from the very first notes and basic rhythms up to a standard the equivalent of ABRSM Grade 2.

From the preface of the 2018 edition of this book:

“Cast your mind back.  RIGHT back.  You were 3 or 4 (maybe younger, maybe older) and you were trying to decode your first string of symbols you now recognise as letters formed into a word.  Could you do it straight away?  No.  Of course you couldn’t.  It took lots of time with patient parents and talented teachers whose first key task is to show you the basics of literacy.   So, how long did it take you to become fluent in reading these “words”.   Can you remember?  You may have the statistic in your brain (i.e. “I could read by the time I was 6 years old”) but can you really remember the struggle and toil you went through?  I am not sure of the specific statistic regarding the average length of time it takes for a child to learn to read independently and fluently but it is certainly measured in years.  Why get cross with yourself when, after only a few lessons, you are still struggling to read a major 2nd with 3 different note lengths formed into a 2-bar rhythm? (You will be doing that and more by the end of chapter 4!) Be patient and methodical and you WILL get it eventually. After all, when you started school you could not read the word “to” and yet you are here, reading this long, boring text with barely a second glance.”

[Text (C) Copyright Robert-John Edwards 2018]