Robert-John is a very successful singing teacher and is based in Bourne, south Lincolnshire.

He began teaching in 2001, formally qualifying as a classroom teacher in 2003 and has a reputation for excellence and success. He has a 100% pass rate in examinations, with well over 70% of his students achieving a Merit or Distinction (this improves to over 95% Merit and Distinction for students doing Grade 6-8 and 100% Grade 8 success with Merit or Distinction). In the summer of 2017, one of his students scored 90% in her DipLCM Music Theatre diploma examination and in 2021 one of his Year 11 students achieved 97% in his Grade 8 Singing examination and secured a place at the Junior Royal College of Music. Other students whom he has taught have gained choral scholarships to Cambridge, Oxford and Royal Holloway. He teaches from his home in Bourne, as well as at the famous Stamford Endowed Schools.

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Teaching usually follows ABRSM, Trinity Guildhall and/or LCM (Music Theatre) syllabi.  He specialises in finding the right repertoire for the right voice at the right stage of their development, always looking at the longer term view rather than for instant success.  Following the Garcia-Lamperti pedigree line of teachers (which can be directly linked back to the teacher of the first superstar soprano, Jenny Lind), Robert-John strongly believes in training a voice, rather than just teaching songs.  This is why his students always perform well in concerts, examinations and auditions.

To this end, he is committed to continuing his own professional development and still is coached by internationally renowned tenor, John Graham-Hall, with whom he has worked since 2012.


£40 per hour basic with the following guidelines on lesson lengths:

Beginners to Grade 4/5 generally 30 minutes

Grades 4-7 generally 45 minutes

Grade 6-8 generally 60 minutes

Post-Grade 8 professional training and diplomas – 90 minutes.

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